Hi, I’m Mark, founder of the Happy Traveler with my wife Danielle. She and I are avid globetrotters and for good reason. We live near Montreal, QC up in Canada where the winters are frigidly cold, and the summer are hot and muggy. Which is why we try to get away from it all as often as we can.

All kidding aside, we love to travel the globe, meeting new people, discovering their way of life, their history, their culture and especially their cuisine.

This blog came about because we realized that our friends and relatives wanted to learn more about our trips and travels. They increasingly turned to us for advice about where to go and what to see.

Eager to share our travels with other likeminded globetrotters, we started The Happy Traveler in the Summer of 2023 and started cataloguing and chronicling our travels. 

Contrary to other travel sites, we only write about what we know. Place we’ve actually been, restaurants we’ve dined in, and attractions we’ve seen with our own eyes. So, while some other travel blogs may feature hundreds of destinations, our selection is limited by how much time we can actually devote to traveling. 

I’m a writer by trade. So, naturally I like to describe our travels in great detail. Post on the happy traveler are usually 1500 words and sometimes far more. Feel free to skip over sections you find boring. All copy is my own. I do not use Chat GPT to write the blog, though I do use an AI powered research tool in addition to Goggle to confirm what I’ve been told about a destination.

You’ll also notice that I take a lot of pictures and videos. On our recent trip to Italy, we came back with 4,500+ images and clips. My goal is to never use stock images or footage but must admit I have on one or two occasions when my own images didn’t measure up.

As I mentioned at the top of this pages we love to eat! As foodies, we believe that each meal is an opportunity to learn more about people and culture. And yes, we still obnoxiously take photos of our food. Because a well presented dish can be a beautiful work of art and is worthy of being immortalized.

We’re still experimenting, so things will probably move around from time to time. We beg for your forgiveness as we figure all this out.

We try to publish something new every week or two, so please come back from time to time. You can also follow our adventures on Instagram @mark.morin

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