Alaska cruise

Alaska is one the most mysterious and strikingly beautiful places on earth. Remote, rugged and incredibly beautiful, its name is synonymous with adventure. And perfectly suited for an Alaska cruise. Why you may ask? Because getting to Alaska from our home near Montreal, QC is a challenge in and of itself.

Getting to Alaska if not on a cruise

The trans-canada highway snakes through northern Ontario, across the prairies, over the Rockies and up the costal highway from Vancouver to Anchorage. This extended scenic route stretches on for 107 continuous hours and over 4471 km (2778 miles) of highway. Driving continuously 8 hours a day, only stopping for gas, the trip would take you two solid weeks, .

Sounds like the making of a months-long road trip - something to consider for our retirement perhaps. for now, the most convenient and awe inspiring mode of transportation is by cruise ship.

Why an Alaska Cruise Category?

I feel that an Alaska cruise is worthy of its own category on the blog because it's such a rich and inspiring experience. It is also conducive to creating multiple sub-posts on specific aspects of the cruise, its ports of call, the preparations for such a voyage and the people, fauna and flora encountered along the way.

This category follows our adventure, with a group of our childhood friends as we navigate the Inside Passage from Vancouver to Anchorage (Whittier actually, about an hour away).

An Alaska Cruise is Synonymous with Photography

Since the nature photography captures along the way, this category also features an extensive Alaska cruise image gallery. We also created an equipment list and a few tips on what to bring and important notes about capturing your best shots in Alaska.

You'll find images and footage of cruise highlights, our excursions on land, the flora and fauna, the people of Alaska. In addition, there are plenty of images of life on board.


Our Alaska Cruise Vacation

Inside Passage from Vancouver to Anchorage on the Grand Princess. One of our long-time travel bucket list items was an Alaskan cruise vacation. My wife Danielle and I have been dreaming of an Alaska cruise adventure for some time. Unfortunately, the pandemic got in the way. Finally, this year,…

Mendenhall glacier

What to pack for a Cruise to Alaska

My wife and I are notorious over packers. Her with shoes, me with camera gear. So, when preparing for a trip, the big question is always what and how much to pack. On our recent cruise to Alaska, we were traveling in economy class and were limited to 50 pounds or 20kg. Because Alaska weather…