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Eclectic Decor, Warm and Friendly Atmosphere, Great Food

Osteria da Trombicche is known for its inventive and delicious food, offering a unique experience for both tourists and locals. It seems that the restaurant is praised for its wonderful and fresh menu, including dishes like tartare and homemade tagliatelle al ragù. 

The atmosphere is as relaxed and the decor is eclectic, making it a great place to savor excellent food without being in a hurry. The restaurant is located on Via delle Terme in Siena and has received positive reviews and a high rating from other guests. Ranked 95th out of 360 restaurant in Siena by Trip Advisor, we feel it deserves much more. Certainly in the top 20. We gave it 4.5 stars, among the best we’ve experienced in Siena.

According to their website:

Osteria da Trombicche is a place that deserves to be discovered. It is a house that welcomes you at any time of the day. Whether you’re tired, cold, hungry, wanting a chat and a pat on the back, its doors are always open.” I would tend to agree.

There’s Nothing Conventional About Osteria da Trombicche

Everything at Osteria da Trombicche screams “eclectic” including the vintage 10 speed bike which hangs from the ceiling in the dining room. The wooden chairs had a woven seat but comfortable nonetheless. The tables were made of elegant wood with a marble top, which was partially covered with a raw paper “tablecloth”. The bar was elegantly simple and guest were greeted by a large glass display case containing a selection of cold cuts.  

The restaurant is made up of two small dining rooms. The first, where we ate contains a half dozen tables as well as a bar. The second, even smaller, holds four tables and the open concept kitchen where you can see the small crew prepare the excellent meals. two of the tables are located in a large window that opens up onto the street. We were seated in the first dining area and thoroughly enjoyed our experience.

An Unusual Take on an Excellent Wine List

One of the key features of this dining are is the wine list. The Osteria da Trombicche wine list is actually a wine wall, with bottles displayed on shelves made out of wine boxes arranged in various geometric shapes.

Everything screams unconventional. The wine is arranged by region and prices are written directly on the bottles. At the top of the bottle, the price for consuming on site. The bottom, slightly lower price to go. I believe that the esthetics of the wine bottle and label were taken into account in the selection on display.

Our Choice of Wine

After carefully examining the selection at Osteria Da Trombicche, we chose the Fonterenza Rosso di Montalcino 2019, a red wine known for its intense and complex aromas. It features notes of red fruit, plums, woody spices, moist earth, and balsamic undertones.

This wine offers a blend of ripe dark-skinned berries, violets, new leather, and balsamic scents like camphor, creating an earthy and delicious red wine. It is described as smooth, structured, and juicy, making it a flavorful choice for wine enthusiasts.

Produced by Fonterenza Soc. Agricola Semplice in Tuscany, Italy, this wine is made primarily from the Sangiovese grape variety and is aged for 22 months in large oak barrels, highlighting its full-bodied and age-worthy characteristics.

A Wonderful Meal

We started off with the primi: black cuttlefish pasta with fresh tomato and mascarpone. This rich and creamy combination complemented the wonderful pasta delightfully.

For the main course, Secondi, Danelle chose the Melanzane Parmigiana – eggplant parmesan, and was simply delighted. I, on the other hand, went for the Tagliata di controfiletto con patate was thoroughly pleased with my choice, cooked medium rare the way I like it. It melted in my mouth. Delightful.

What a wonderful experience. We heartily recommend Osteria da Trombicche for your next visit to Siena.

Where to find Osteria da Trombicche in the Siena Historic Center